Graduate Thesis: prototype colLABorative



The graduate thesis process at The University of The Arts involves intensive study and research in a topic pertaining to museum exhibition. The results of this research are then used to inform a practical application to benefit the museum field.


This thesis focuses on a possible implementation of a cross-disciplinary design space where professionals and the public collaborate to create and prototype concepts for future museum exhibitions. Collaboration and the use of open-source information have become every day activities due to new technologies and the interest in forming creative communities. Thesis research was collected by studying specific examples of collaboration and prototyping in many settings, ranging from museums to companies to websites. The research showed how productive and valuable these concepts can be in these various settings. A plan for the prototype collaborative, a lab that aims to provide a platform for exchanging of ideas and fostering dialogue between professionals and the public, was created to answer the need for this type of space in the museum field.


In the spirit of open source, this thesis document has been made available under a creative commons license. Please feel free to  download a full copy pdf. A print version is also available from