March 23, 2012

Playing with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

The other night I downloaded the beta of Adobe’s new Photoshop CS 6 Beta. You can download  the beta for yourself from Adobe labs.

First things first, Photoshop CS6 is FAST. It starts up in 1/3 of the time that it takes CS5. Additionally, once it is open, individual image and psd files open really quickly. Beyond the boot up times, everything feels snappier. I think CS5 suffered from being a bit bloated, throughout the Creative Suite days, Adobe kept adding and adding features but in the same time created a program that felt heavy and cumbersome. To the point where I would avoid using Photoshop and opt for illustrator if at all possible.

Photoshop is fun to use again.

Next, looking at the interface, it’s now dark grey in lieu of the previous lighter shade (don’t worry, it can be reverted to the old look for those scared of change). Personally I like the new look, it’s cleaner and it makes what you’re working on stand out as opposed to the tools. It also brings the interface in line with what they have been doing with Lightroom. I’m willing to bet that all of the new CS 6 interfaces will default to this new look.

Along with the new dark grey look, the “Application Frame” is now selected by default. This is the strange windows within a window configuration that has been the default on Windows machines for years. In fact one of the things I loved after moved from Windows to a Mac was that the application frame was gone. I love how photoshop windows snap to the edges of your screen and go away when the application is deselected because I don’t have to minimize the frame.

Ill look to play some more with the new features in the coming days including the new crop tool and searchable layers.

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